Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday June 24th at 2:27pm!

On Tuesday June 24th at 2:27pm the stars will be aligned! Pluto will be in retrograde this phenomenon will allow Jupiter’s moon Titan to be as close to the rings of Saturn that it has even been. Since both Mercury and Venus will be on the back side of the Sun as well as Earth and Mars parting like the Red Sea to allow the Sun’s rays to warm Titan to approximately 8.05oC. This temperature increase will cause the small ice caps to melt slightly and the added gravitational pull of the newly formed water will cause particles from Saturn’s rings to create a pre-historic like atmosphere on Titan. On this day, at this time, looking NNE and up at 28o off the horizon you will see a green flash. Then you will know that Earth will no longer be the only planet with life on it in our solar system!

Oh ya Kate the Great is coming out then too.



  1. WHOA T$ ("T" Money, that's what we call Tyler here in the brewery) This Astrological stuff is way too much for my brain.... Kate is coming out in June. We are already gearing up for the saturnalia that will most likely occur after the offering of Katherine to the masses! Masses or horses?? Anyway good luck to us. Cheers! Tod (your boss)

  2. Since the last batch went so quickly, any chance of a larger supply for June? I'm already letting people know they should try to schedule a three day weekend at the end of June to come visit me in Portsmouth.

    And by the way, I'm totally jealous of Tyler. Paid to brew delicious beer and blog about work, with his boss' permission. Awesome.

  3. Can you advise on any limits for bottle purchases? An confirm it's on sale at 2:27.

  4. This guy Tyler is amazing! Where does he get this stuff??

    He must come from really good stock - (by the way his mother and I are really proud of him.) Imagine making beer and getting paid for it, there 'oughta be a law!

    Pete Jones


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