Monday, December 17, 2012

Dark to brown...

Hey all,

So this weekend the tap line up changed up quite a bit.  the Rocky Road Stout went extremely fast so I hope you had a chance to come in and give it a try.  I have put on North Coasts Old Rasputin to hold the stout spot down until out Black Cat Stout is ready for you guys.  A Russian Imperial stout sound like a fine beer to drink while the snow and ice is flying outside. 

But if the Impy Stouts are a bit too think for you try the Holidaze Porter.  Again this is a darker beer with out all the body and acrid (burnt) flavors that you would expect from a black beer.  It also tickles you holiday taste buds with some Honey, Ginger and Galangal (Thai Ginger).  The Galangal comes off almost winter green and just tastes like a crisp winter walk in the woods. 

But even if that is too dark the English Mild has just hit the taps as well.  It is a very drinkable, light bodied English Brown ale.  The slight bakers chocolate flavor the hits you with the first sip completely fads off the tongue letting the very clean finish of the beer come through.  At only 4.7% abv it is a great beer for an appetizer, dinner or dissert. 

Those are the tap changes from Dark to Brown.

See you in soon for a pint!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Rocky Road Stout...

Hey all,

Since you have had a chance to try to Rocky Road Stout what do you guys think?  Anything that you would want to change the next tiem it is made?  Just the right Fluff aromatic?  Were you hoping for more or less Amaretto Oak characteristic?  Do you like the Chocolate flavor in the beer?

Feedback is always welcome :)

Tyler Jones