Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday is/was BUSY!!

Greetings beer lovers, Tod here with a quick update on what is happening down here in the cellar. I had a busy day brewing solo and cleaning the Hefe line to make way for the Bluebeery. This batch of Bluebeery is quite tasty and will quench the thirsty-"est" parched throats!! We added an extra 30 #'s of Blueberries into the fermenter for an added boost of aromatics. I have to say it is a wee bit more noticable. For all you hop afficianados that tore into the 5 C's Hopmonsta yesterday I hope you enjoyed the tasty elixer..... sadly it is already gone. There is 5 gals. of 5 C's on cassk dryhopped with Chinook. Unfortunately 5 C's will not make another appearence until later in the fall. Good news, the Ocktoberfest is slowly coming down in temperature as it readies for deep condition until the end of Sept. PATIENCE is essential with all lager beers!! Well, that's about all for now. Cheers! Todm
P.S. I know Tyler didn't tell you but he asked for his girls hand in marriage and she accepted his proposal a big HOORAH to Rachel and Tyler. Cheers! and enjoy the fine weather and tasty beers!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bottle Rocket is Back!

Bottle Rocket IPA is back on tap!



PS The greatest Best Man speach ever. Wow!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The IPA Situation

Hey all,

So here is the run down. Us having the 5 C's IPA and the Bottle Rocket IPA on at the same time opened some black hole vortex that brought out hopheads from all over the universe here to the Portsmouth Brewery. The 5 C's went away faster then it had ever has in the past, and when that went away to prevent a riot from starting we served them a Bottle Rocket IPA. All this caused our IPA supply to disappear very rapidly. So we are out of our IPA's for a little bit. We decided to put on Stone IPA to give us enough time to get our Bottle Rocket back, but we could only get 2 kegs in of it. Our plan was foiled one more time when a wrinkle in the time space continuum allowed a full keg of the Stone to be drank on a Wednesday, crazy! Now we have one keg of the Stone IPA left, and are hoping to get in some Smuttynose IPA to make us until the weekend (I say with my eyes closed and fingers crossed). So, that’s the IPA situation here at P-brew.

Secondly, I am wicked excited for this weekend. Zach Bodah, our part time assistant here, is getting married! Ride that Pony, do the worm, pop and lock, then…stall. That’s right weddings, dance floors and me are and amazing mix. On a beer related note his Biere de Meile is drinking amazingly! If you see him here on Friday you should let him know what you think and congratulate him on his marriage.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

WHAO BABY!! Things are groovin' like Woodstock!

Greetings beer lovers! Tod here to fill in the gaps on what's up here at the P-brewery. We have had a flurry of beer movements here as I guess people were diggin' what we've had on tap. So, the sad news is the Rye has moved on and replacing it is our double Wit. The Witt is just about 2 months old and tasting big and spicy. Lots of orange and corriander as well as a beautiful spicy/peppery character from the yeast we used. The Black Cat stout has been replaced by our Oatmeal (yum) Stout. 5 C's is not long for the world and will be replaced by Zachs' honeymoon Biere de Miele. This is a rare treat we concocted with our special Saison yeast and some yummy honey!! This is such a lovely beer. It is crisp and spicy with a golden hue and a medium body carressed with just a kiss of hops. Lastly the Weizenheimer is on it's last legs and will be replaced by Thaizenheimer tomorrow. If you haven't had our Asian influenced wheat beer you'll be pleasantly surprised but the infusion of Kaffir lime leaves, Galangal and regular ginger as well as lemongrass. The wheat character is subdued by the spicy herbs and spices but quite refreshing and a great pair with our spicy curried mussles. Well, I've got to get back to work so don't forget to come in out of the heat for a nice crisp cool one. Cheers! Todm
P.S. Next Thurs. starts the Ebenezers Belgian fest featuring Cantillion beers as well as many incredible beer not on your every day beer list. This one looks like a killer week of Beer and food.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dogfish fans.

Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that we are on our last keg of Dogfish. It is their Pale India Ale. This is a brewpub only beer that we had a keg hand delivered by Sam him self. this beer is a pale ale at with some Indian spice added to it. The spices are so unique that I cant even put my finger on one of them. This is a beer that is worth a try!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Win a bottle of Kate?

Hey all,

Donna, who is one of our bartenders, wanted me to let you all know that you can win a bottle of Kate. She has a Jimmy Fund walking group called "Team Socs" and they will be the beneficiaries of the raffle. So here is how you can win a 2009 Kate. Come in from August 10th - September 10th and purchase a raffle ticket for $2.00, and bam you are in the running. The drawing is happing on September 10th at 6:00pm. Again all proceeds are going to the Jimmy Fund, which is a great cause. Come in talk to Donna, or your bartender, and get a chance to win a bottle of Kate!

Good Luck!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 C's IPA...

To all you hop heads out there the wait is over. The Saison, which was tasting really good in its last few days, is gone. We replaced it with our 5 C's IPA. The 5 C's is our version of a west coast IPA. We still don’t make it as bitter as the surfer dudes of San Diego, but have just as many hops in the finish and dry hop the begesus out of it. Bold Citrus west coast hops were used in this one, plus all 5 hop varieties that start with the letter C. I think I am going to go give it a taste right now!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dogfish beers still kicking it

Hey all,

Just a heads up that we do still have some Dogfish beers pouring. We just put on the Palo Santo and it is a crazy beer. They market it as a brown ale but it so dark and flavorful it is hard to think of it as a brown. It has the raisin, plum and dark fruit flavors of a barley wine and then the Palo Santo wood gives it a unique resin wood character. The resin character almost reminds me of an Imp IPA. Defiantly worth a try.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

August is here!

Greetings beer lovers. It is true, August is here and thanfully so. In case you've been working in a cave ( like me) and had not noticed we've had on hell of a lot of rain as of late. With the 1st day of August so far the 8th month is promising to be a decent one. So, here is what's happening in the cave we call our brewery. The Thaizenheimer kicked and we just replaced it with our Rye ale. Wow what a unique ale. It is a spicy, full flavored medium bodied whallop of flavor ale. We made this one with 45% malted rye and 55% malted barley and used our in house yeast fermented at 70 degrees. It make for a very fruity estery ale. The rye adds a unique flavor similar to wheat but more nutty and less tart. It is a nice ale to round out our line up. Hope you like it. See you soon. Cheers! Todm