Saturday, April 12, 2008

So a Dirty Blonde goes on Tap at a Bar.......

What’s the punch line you ask? There isn't one! HA!
The Cream Ale has been retired for a while to be replaced with the Dirty Blonde Ale. I have had a few people already tell me, "I think I liked the Cream better." The honest truth is that our Dirty Blonde is the same Grist and Hop profile as the Cream, but fermented out with a different yeast strain. I feel it gives the beer a crisper finish and comes of a little lighter on the palette then the Cream. Perfect for a summer beer. The new yeast strain ferments out the beer in 2 weeks vs. the 3 weeks that the Cream ale took to finish. You are thinking one week what is that going to do? But with the upcoming summer rush about to hit where 7bbls goes in 20 days, one week is going to be huge for us here in the brewery. But I digress.
So when tasting the Dirty Blonde for the first time don’t automatically try to compare it to the Cream. Take a sip and enjoy the beer on its own, because I am sure that you will.


  1. If it’s the same Blond you guy’s had on tap a few weeks ago. Yes the Cream is, or should I say was better. I am also sure with the way you both like to tweak your brews that this one will get better in the long run

  2. Yes this is the same beer that was on a few weeks ago. But we thought the dirty blonde name would turn a few heads. Time will tell on the tweaking!

    Cheers, Tyler

  3. blondes, brunes, reds, or dark beauties; you guys at smutty make 'em all stand out!


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