Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Special Events, 2012

Here in Portsmouth, the end of August brings a certain waning. Kids go back to school, the height of tourist season ends and temperatures begin receding to a comfortable nighttime sleeping temperature.

One thing that doesn't wane is our event schedule.  It almost seems like the folks who organize downtown events wait for Seacoasters to get some of our town back to kick-off a September event schedule so full that it's like a clown car- and we've definitely called "shotgun" for the trip.

Here's a brief list of September Seacoast events that we're either sponsoring, planning, exhibiting or attending. We can't go into too much depth about these events because there are so many, but we have included the appropriate links if you want more information.  

Saturday, September 8- Vintage and Vine- We're pleased to be one of the first breweries to participate in Strawbery Banke's food and wine gala fundraiser.  Food from thirty chefs will be available along side of samples of hundreds of wines. 

Sunday, September 9- The Portsmouth Criterium- For the eighth year, downtown Portsmouth is turned into a short course bicycle track.  Join the crowds of onlookers for full day of cycling and fun. Sister brewery Smuttynose reprises its role as title sponsor, but we'll have a tent set-up right by Market Square.  We hope you'll stop by and say hello.

Friday-Sunday, September 14, 15, 16-  Telluride By The Sea- A specially curated program of six films, many of them being shown for the second time in the US, comes The Music Hall direct from the Telluride Film Festival.  Both Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery are film sponsors.

Saturday, September 15- Passport- One of the country's most unique beer events returns to historic Strawbery Banke for an evening of curated beer and food pairings, historical characters and fundraising for New Hampshire Public Television.  Passport has already sold out for this year, but it'll be back and even better next year.

Friday, September 21- Clean Water Music Series- Sponsored by sister brewery Smuttynose, this installment of PREP's environmentally conscious music series pulls into the legendary Stone Church in Newmarket, New Hampshire.  King's Highway and Todo Bien will kick out the jams while PREP raises awareness about water quality in our Seacoast community.  Just remember, we can't make great beer without great water from the Piscataqua Estuary! 

Saturday, September 22- Fishtival- Celebrate 400 years of great New Hampshire seafood at Prescott Park with locally caught seafood samples, a touch tank, educational exhibits about the Gulf of Maine, boat tours and a chance to meet fishermen and women who put food on our plates.  

Wednesday, September 29- Seacoast Science Café #1- This free event, held in our Jimmy LaPanza Lounge, brings members of the public together with climatologist Cameron Wake and sociologist Larry Hamilton for a discussion about climate change; what we know and what we believe.  There are three other Cafés schedule through the fall and we're proud to host them all.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dinner and a Show...

Hey all,

We are trying out a new brewing technique today.  We are brewing two batches of the Cream Ale in the same day!  Big thanks to Matt's for coming in at 6am to get the party started so I am not here until midnight.  But that means you can come in to the brewery for dinner tonight and I should be up in the window brewing away until about 8:00 tonight. 

So for all of those people out there that think the brew system is just a prop....Come on in for a dinner and a show tonight at the Portsmouth Brewery!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crazy beer change over last weekend

Hey all,

So last weekend illustrates a saying that I have been telling people for years at the Portsmouth Brewery.  If you see a beer on tap that interests you, jump on it!  Because there is a great chance then next time you walk in we will have an almost completely different line up of beers.  Here is the Reader digest condensed version of the tap changed that happened from Friday to Monday.

Le Chat Noir -> Black Cat Stout
Project X       -> ESB
Wit2              -> Wit
Dales Pale     -> Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale

and soon to happen
Smuttynose Star Island -> Mayflower Summer Rye


PS  Butch, I hope you can forgive me for not updating the blog sooner :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cluster's real last stand is Firkin Friday!

Hey all,

So we have a couple of special treats for you this Friday.  We are going to have Cluster's Last Stand in a pin behind the bar as well as on the beer engine down stairs this Friday (8/17).  Talk about a Firkin Friday!  The hand pulled pints form the beer engine down stairs will start with Cluster's Last Stand dryhopped with Zythos.  Directly followed by Cluster's Last Stand dryhopped with Summit.  Now up on the bar we have a Pin (5 gal cask) for all you hot food fans.  We are going to be gravity pouring Cluster's Last Stand w/ Habanero and Simcoe hops.  Why not have some heat with your hops?

Hope to see you in Friday for a pint.  Possibly followed by some Milk :)


Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Wit2 is on....

Hey all,

I hope you guys enjoyed the Thaizenheimer, and by how fast it went away it looks like you did!  We have replace that line with the Wit2, which is our Imperial Wit bier.  So it has the bitter and sweet orange peel flavors and aromatic of a traditional Wit bier.  but, with 7.5%abv to back up all the sweetness and body.  Yum!


Friday, August 3, 2012

"Mott's" Last Stand!

Hey all,

I hope some of you got to come in and enjoy the 2011 Smuttynose Gravitation we had on for the past few days.  If you didn't dont worry we have another great beer to back it up.  "Mott's" Last Stand is on now.  Most of you remember the Clusters Last stand collaboration brew that Tod did with Dave Yarrinton of Smuttynose and Mitch Steel of Stone Brewing Co.  Well, Tod couldn't think of a better beer to brew for his last day here at the Portsmouth Brewery.  So its on ready to drink and we are lovingly calling this batch "Mott's" Last Stand!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey all,

After a crazy first week i feel as my feet are back underneath me and becoming even more excited to keep brewing great bees for you guys.  I now see there is a new blogger homepage set up so once i figure it all out i will be keeping the beer news updated on here for you.  See you in soon for a pint!