Sunday, April 29, 2012

There's is a Deviant in Lapanza today....

Greetings beer lovers,
 Well, not exactly an asocial type of deviant.... in fact we have a log of Deviant Dale's available for the 11th line. Deviant Dale's is an double IPA at 8% abv and around 85 IBU's. Here is what Ocsar Blues has to say about Deviant:"Deviant Dale’s IPA (8% ABV, 85 IBUs) was born at the crossroads, in a juke joint, as if Dale’s Pale Ale sold its soul to balance Deviant’s foreboding aromas of citrus, grapefruit rind and piney resins with a copper ball-of-fire color and inscrutable finish." That said, why not come in and enjoy a beer and some food this afternoon?
  On a unfortunate note the brewing community lost two souls this week. Please join me and raise a glass of fine, well crafted ale to Ben and Darryl. Be at peace. Cheers! Todm

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brett cast off the Bluebird for a Sunday venture...

Greetings beer lovers,
 So, Brett cast off the bow of the Bluebird and she cruised her way into the taps at P-Brew for this Sunday's 11th beer line up. Yep, we got another log of the Smuttynose short batch series "Brett and I", a Belgian style golden ale finished with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast strain, to create this unique beer. If you have not had a "Brett" then you are in for a taste treat influenced by the Belgian brewing traditions.
    On the other front here at P-Brew we had a change over in the line up when the Retro Pale ale moved on and was replaced by our spring Dunkelweizen. This interpretation of a dark(dunkel) wheat (weizen) is enhanced by the use of local maple syrup from Mclure's of Littleton, N.H. The resultant beer drinks with a crisp flavor derived by the German hefeweizen yeast strain, most notably the clove and banana aroma as well as the dark malts adding a complexity found in this style of ale. Don't look for sweetness from the maple syrup because the sugars in the syrup are highly fermentable and leave just a touch of sweetness at the very end of the flavor profile. This is a good beer to enjoy both on a warm sunny day or a miserable rainy Sunday. So, come on down and enjoy a Brett and I or a Dunkelweizen. Cheers! Todm  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guess what's on tap for Sunday's 11th tap.......

Vunderbar Pils. Here is what peeps at Smuttynose are saying about this lager:
"Vunderbar Pils marks a departure from the last few short batches we have brewed. It's not high in alcohol. It doesn't use any kind of wild yeast, nor is it barrel-aged. It's a beer in the classic, if not archetypal, sense of the word. Best of all, it's blindingly delicious and drinkable. The low bitterness and moderate body make the beer conducive to some serious elbow bending." I hear that is is supposed to be kind of warm on Sunday so why not come down and try a little elbow bending on some Vunderbar?
There have been some changes made on our tap lines. The Osiris went away with many great comments about this herbal beer, I am sure we'll be brewing this one again come the summer as it is a clean, crisp, and refreshing ale. As it turns out Osiris was replaced with an equally light and refreshing Hefeweizen which has the typical clove/banana phenolics derived from the German yeast. It is tasting quite nice and does not need the lemon garnish due to its tart wheat character. The other change which is sad to see is the Flanders Kriek blend go away. We'll make it again next year..... it gives you "sour" lovers something to look forward to!! However, replacing the Flanders is one of our big beers the Imperial IPA. It has been aging on dry hops (Chinook,Cascade and CTZ) for the past 3 weeks and has some big attitude. Big malt backbone and some multi-layered hops from bitterness to flavor to some sweet aromatics. It has all the presence an Imperial IPA should have as well as drinkability. Enjoy. Cheers! Todm

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Smutty's Brett & I in for sunday!

Greetings beer lovers, We have replaced Star Island for Berkshire Brewing Company's Maibock a malt forward lager coming in at 6.5abv. and 20 Ibu. Brian and Matt tinkered with the Flanders Red and turned it into a FRIEK! Blending last years Flanders that had been inoculated with wild yeast along with some tart cherry juice! Very Very nice! To stay on a sour note, Smutty's Brett & I will be on for Sunday!! Pucker up we got the funk goin on up in here! Cheers! Todm