Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big Changes at the Pub

Wow, I am not sure if we have had this many beers kicking/changes all at once.

The Hefewiezen has been replaced by its big brother Winter Wiezen. We used the same yeast strain as our Hefe but we bumped up the malt profile giving a slightly sweeter and slightly more ABV with the traditional clove and banana esters of a German style Hefewiezen.

Good work on the Moat Mountain Square tail stout. It has been replaced with...Drum roll please...our Le Chat Noir (Black Cat in French). This beer is the same malt and hop profile as our Black Cat stout but fermented out with a Belgian Yeast strain. This yeast gives the fruity and spicy esters off during fermentation to make this a great Belgian style stout.

The IMP IPA has gone away. But don’t worry it will be back some time soon. It has been replaced by yet another Belgian style beer, our Triple. This beer is golden in color but sneaks up on you with the ABV of around 9%. The Belgian yeast strain we used was different then the Le Chat Noir giving a hint of the bubble gum nose that you get in a lot of great Belgian beers.

So yes we are turning into a Belgian Brew house for the spring. Behind the Flemish style Sour Brune we have a Belgian Double waiting in the wings. So excited for spring to get into full swing.




    What, no Brewery celebration for this?

  2. Truth be told, we kind of dropped the ball on this one. Speaking lamely in my defense, five years ago, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Repeal, I tried to drum up support among the various wateringholes around Portsmouth for a town-wide celebration of the date, but we were greeted with a huge, collective yawn and nothing much came of it. This time around, the Brewers Association, our trade group, has done an effective job of publicizing the occasion. Hence the coverage in the mainstream press, like CNN.

    It is distressing to consider that even in this day and age, a sizeable, vocal and well-funded minority of people in this country would happliy return us to the dark days of Prohibition if they could, and there is no shortage of cynical and opportunistic politicians who would help them achieve that aim.

    We can't take our right as adults to responsibly enjoy beer (or wine, or gin, for that matter) for granted; after all, "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty."

    Three Cheers to Repeal!


  3. Tyler - My sister is visiting from Portland, OR this weekend. I promised her some good beer, do you expect Le Chat Noir to still be around Friday night?

  4. Oh yes, Le Chat will be here for Fri. Our stouts last around 4-5 weeks for us making 7bbls at a time. So you will definitly beable to get some this weekend.


  5. Thanks Tyler. If you're around Friday night, I'd be honored to have a pint with you.


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