Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 C's is on.... WTF is with the IPA's

Oh Yea!! More IPA's
 Greetings beer lovers! So, what is going on with the love of hops? Are you all kind, danky herbalist in a former life looking for the sensi? Long long time ago in another world...... IPA's ruled and so what goes around comes around, I guess! We'll try to keep the till filled with the IPA's. Cheers! Todm

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Watch out Pop Corn, White Lightning is here!

Greetings beer lovers,
 What is White Lightning you might ask? It has nothing to do with ever clear, corn liquor nor white lightning whiskey. It is, in fact, Matt's first recipe here at P-brew and is based on a Wit Bier recipe which includes both fresh sweet orange peel and Curacao bitter orange peel as well as some coriander with an amped up hop rate. It is also dry-hopped with Summit and New Zealand Motueka. It is quite tasty and big in the citrus hoppy finish. So Brian, how are you going to top this one??
 Rest in Peace, Lindsey. Todm

Friday, May 25, 2012

Saison season is here as well as Memorial Day!!

Greetings beer lovers,
 So, I don't know if the weekend has snuck up on you the way it did me but this is the unofficial start to summer it's time to bring on a Saison for the start of early summer and what better style to start the early summer of with than a Bier de Miel? This farmhouse ale is one of a number of rustic ales we brew here to entice our taste buds. Made with wild flower honey from Mclures in Littleton NH this beer is not sweet but quite dry and peppery on the finish with a fruity aromatic that has a touch of clove. The hop presence is apparent but not bitter and the body is just a hair above light making for a well balanced and aromatic ale. Be sure to come and have a glass of this delicious ale.... and speaking of delicious Belgian style ales we also will be serving some of Smuttynose Gravation on tap for Sundays beer so you can kill two birds with one stone this Memorial Day weekend. Cheers! Todm

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vanilla Porter frrom Breckenridge for Sunday beer!!

Greetings Craft Beer Lovers!!,
 Well, it has been a great Craft Beer Week here at P-BREW. Lots of devoted craft beer fans here during the week. Hell, we even saw the Alstrom Bros. nursing a wicked hangover on Friday pounding some Gose!! All is good. Thanks for coming out and sharing some fun this past week. We have a teaser for Sundays beer. We 'll be pouring Breckenridge's Vanilla Porter for our 11th tap. Should be nice and easy on those who have had, perhaps, a wee-bit 'o too much fun Sat. PM like all you UNH grads??!! Congrats to all graduates who have matriculated this month and those heading up to the diploma domicile within the next few weeks. Cheers!Todm

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Q & A with Annette, Dave and Tod tonight at 6PM

Greetings Craft Beer lovers,
 Tonight we have a round table discussion with Annette from Throwback Brewing, Dave from Smuttynose Brewing and my crew and myself from P-Brew to answer any questions you might have about anything related to brewing. So, all you home-brewers with technical questions and craft beer lovers with and questions you might have about beers and brewing come by and fire away!! We have a delicious line up today and perhaps the '09 Wheat Wine and '10 Barley Wine will last thru the day and still be available for tonight Q and A session. See you tonight? Cheers! Todm

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tap "Re-takeover" Tues

Greetings Craft Beer Lovers,
 Today is the one day, and probably not for very long, that we take over all 10 taps here at P-Brew. Come in and enjoy some aged Barley Wine, Imperial IPA and some aged Wheat Wine. Be on the look out for some type of Black Beer soon..... Cheers! Todm

Saturday, May 12, 2012

American Craft Beer Week come to town on the 14th!

Greetings Craft Beer Lovers,
  We are glad to be hosting a few informal events at P-Brew during American Craft Beer week down in the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge: On Monday we have master chocolatier Ann Czaja, from Lindt Chocolate, doing a pairing of 4 Lindt chocolates with 4 of our beers.  Come to the brewery between 6PM and 7 PM and see how we pair beer and chocolate. On Tues. we will be pouring 10 Portsmouth brewery beers in a tap "re-takeover". Be on the lookout for some aged beers as well as our celebration to American Craft Beer week with the 2 indigenous beers styles to America; Cream Ale and California Common. We'll also be pouring our black IPA. Lot's of great beers to celebrate ACBW with. On Weds, again at 6PM 'til 7 PM we have our cheese monger friend Robert Aguilera here who will be pairing 4 cheeses with 4 of our beers. Just come on by and try 4 tasty beers with 4 tasty cheeses. On Thurs.  evening between 6PM and 7PM we'll have a informal Q & A with Throwback brewer Annette, Smuttynose brewer Dave and perhaps a few other Smuttynose brewers alongside me and my crew. All you homebrewers out there bring in your questions on style and anything you might have an interest in to see if one of the aforementioned brewers can help with your queries. On Friday we'll be pouring a pin for Firkin Friday. You never know what we have in the firkin 'til you try it.
 Lastly, we have a log of Smuttynose Gravitation to become the "11th tap" for the Sunday lineup. Well, that 's all for now. Hope to see you here over the American Craft Beer Week celebration. The reason we celebrate ACBW is because of all the craft beer lovers out there. So, here's to you all, you lager lovers and ale aficionados!! Cheers! Todm
PS I recently returned from San Diego after attending the Craft Brewers Conference and the World Beer Cup competition. Wow, there is a whole lotta hops goin' on out there. It seems like every brewery produces about 7 IPA's all with HUGE amounts of hops!! It's an epidemic!