Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Weizen

Hello all,

The Smoked Dunkelweizen that was loved by some and a little to phenolic for others is gone. We replaced it with another wheat beer though, our Winter Weizen. this years winter weizen is very nice, it has that banana and clove nose and taste right up front as you would suspect in a German style wheat beer. But with a higher alcohol and body then your normal wheat beer, hence why we called it our Winter Weizen. Defiantly worth a try.

But those who were in love with the smoke character of the dunkel, don’t you worry we are weaning you off of it with the new cask. We added oak w/ Lagavulin scotch to our Scotch ale, where the peat smoke character of the Lagavulin adds another layer of smoked character to the scotch ale. Very nice beer!

That’s it for now.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

American Mild


The Murphy Law's Red Ale was loved by all and is now all dried up. We have replaced it with our American Mild. Which is a smaller version of an IPA. Meaning that the alcohol is light, at 4.5% ABV, so you can have a few of them. Similar to how a British mild is low in alcohol, but we put the American twist on it by making it golden in color and adding a mostly late hop additions making it taste similar to an IPA. We used a new Cascade hop product this year as our dry hop vs. the traditional Warrior dry hop that we used in the past. Let us know what you think. Is it better this year then last? Dose anyone have tasting notes from last year?

By the way, we are in the process of renaming this beer. It has been called Weenie Rocket, and Short Fuse in the past. What is your take on Whipper Snapper as the name?


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter Rye


The winter Rye is out and tasting great. You definitely get the Belgian yeast character right in the front and then the slight tantalizing tartness of the rye malt comes though and lasts into the finish. A very nice medium bodied beer that will warm you right up as we are getting into the colder days of November. I can’t believe that it is getting to this time of year. The evergreen wreaths are hanging from the light post in Portsmouth now, and every store you walk into you have x-mas carols being sung by the latest top 40 artist. Snow should be here before you know it.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out of Deep condition

Hey all,

We have to say good bye to the ALTenator. But we kept the tap flowing with our Scotch ale. It is malty full bodied with a hint of smoke in the background, truly a fall beer. The moat mountain is all most gone, I am saying a some point today or possibly tomorrow the winter Rye will hit the taps with fanfare. Keep an eye out for this one.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

How long has it been since my last post?? Too long!

Greetings beer lovers,
First off I'd like to say I feel proud to be part of history as we have finally given the nod to an African American to become our President, Three cheers! to Barak Obama!
Well I am back at the 'old mac' to give a brief update on what's happening around here since Tyler has the day off to take care of his bebe, Rachel, who is having her wisdom teeth yanked out.... poor thing. Hope you are OK, Rach. Anyway, we did get the cask changed to Oatmeal Stout with Styrian Goldings...... earthy yumminess with a hint of roast. The Alt beer is getting low so if you haven't had a chance to taste this wonderful elixer..... I'd check it out as it is quite tasty. It looks like the Moat Weiss will be hanging on thru the weekend but be ready for a tasty Rye beer we're calling our Winter Rye. It is very similar to a wheat beer in it has a tart-like character but it is quite different in that it is a bit more complex with a few layers of malt and hops. And lastly someting for you big malt lovers we've got our Scotch ale in deep condition and will be ready when the Alt kicks.
Of other points of interest Rob Martin, our executive chef, has asked me to post some tasty morsels for you all to ponder. Rob has just received a pig from the Hasty Family at Breezy Hill Farms and will be running some piggy specials this weekend.... consisting of a Confit of pork, a pork chop and a reillette of pork. My arteries are already hardening!! Nothing like a little OBD or Black Cat Stouy to wash this goodness down. Hope you are all getting in the mood for some tasty portions of pork and beer. Until the next time, Cheers! Tod.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you Vote?


We started up a little late today so Tod and I could get into Vote before we came in. Hope that you did the same or are leaving early from work to make it in before the polls close at 7pm.

The Murphy's Law Red ale is back and better then ever. Its nice and malty with very light hopping making the beer a easy drinker. Great beer to have as an after election celebration drink.