Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back on the East coast

Hey all I did make it back from San Diego. The CBC taught/reawakened so many topics for me. From yeast handling all the way to food and beer pairings. I am going to use all this new information and integrate into the Portsmouth Brewery and make the beers better then they already are.

The sun was nice but I am excited to be back here on the east coast. The people are a little more real here, but hey that’s just my opinion. The beers are all super hopped over there too. Which was great for the first few beers I tried, then though out the stay they all just tasted super resiny and coated the tongue to the point you couldn’t taste any of the malts. A little out of balance, but some times done very well. I am not mentioning any names because I don’t want to try to sell you any west coast beers, because that is just mean since you can't get 2/3 of them here.

I did make it up to Carlsbad to the Pizza Port and there saw a line up of brewers drank bottles including, Smutty Winter, Smutty Farmhouse, and Portsmouth Brewery's Kate the Great. So that’s where all the beers go, shipped to the west coast!

Any who, its good to be back and brewing again. It felt odd to not be brewing for 5 days strait.



  1. I have to say, I'm glad you felt the beers out there were over hopped. I was afraid you'd come back and start making some of those extreme IPAs that are so popular out there.

  2. Hey Tyler, do we have an ETA on the Scotch Ale? I'm going to stop over and try the American Mild today or tomorrow!

  3. The Scotch Ale is comming after the Doubel kickes. We have aprox 2 more weeks of the doubel dependng on sales and how busy we are in the upcomming week(s)


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