Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beers and Food Around the World on February 12

2014's first beer social, Hops and Heat, was a spicy good time. This write-up on Star Shaped, a blog kept by one of our regulars gives a great account of the kinds of things you can expect when our culinary team (Jon, Des and Rolf) collaborates with our brewing staff (Tyler, Matt and Tyler).

Join us on February 12th, as we go Around the World in five courses of beer and food.  Tickets are available to Imperial Pint Club members exclusively until January 26, when sales open to the public. Reservations are $35 and include gratuity.  Here's the menu:

Departure- USA:  Fingerling potato skins with house-made smoked bacon and aged Vermont cheddar cheese, paired with Cream Ale.  Meatless option: sub tempeh bacon

Stop 1- Czech Republic: Smazeny Syr (Fried cheese with a frissee salad and tartar sauce), paired with Stephan Urquell Pils

Stop 2- Belgium: Endive quiche (endive leaf filled with warm mushrooms and house-made smoked bacon), paired with Saison l'Hiver. Meatless option: sub tempeh bacon

Stop 3- Germany: Sauerbraten (Red wine-marinated pot roast with house-made knoedel and caraway-braised cabbage), paired with Winterweizen. Meatless option: braised tempeh

Destination- England: Blackberry and Current Crumble topped with house-made toffee ice cream, paired with Old Stub Foot Strong Ale.

If this sounds like an event you'd want to attend (and really, why wouldn't you?), you can make reservations with your server when you stop in or give us a call (603-431-1115).  As always, we will be happy to host you for this or any of our other upcoming beer socials.

-March 2: Big Beer Big Game for Imperial Pint Club Members Only
-April 16: Out of Hibernation
-TBD: Not Your Average Garden Party
-May 14: Master Chef Hopped Edition

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

5 C's if you please....

Hey all,

you are reading right.  5C's IPA is on and ready to go for the sold out Hops and Heat social tommorw.

As Si and Am say, 5C's if you please.


Friday, January 3, 2014

I blinked and it was 2014...

Hey all,

I hope the Holidays didn't disappoint everyone out there.  I personally had a great time celebrated with friends and relatives.  The Brewery kept humming while I was gone on a vacation.  So now that I have gotten back and caught my breath there are quite a few new beers to talk about.

Sour Fans out there can be excited about the Belgian Golden Sour.  It is a half sour, so the puckering factor is muted just a bit.  Plus the addition of Golden Raisins in both the kettle and the fermenter help round of the malt sweetness just enough.

Krinkle's Krook Stout hit the taps.  It is our take on the Peppermint Chocolate Stout.  The chocolate notes from the Chocolate malt and the Cacao nibs are great.  Plus with the addition of peppermint candies as well as fresh mint to the Brew give you a fresh minty finish to the beer that you don't normal get in a stout.  I mean what else are you supposed to do with all those candy canes left over after the holidays...Make a beer with them!

Night Nurse IPA is on too.  This is the Black Rye IPA that has all the hop resin/flavor that you IPA fans are looking for.  It is one of the beer being showcased in the Hops and Heat Social next Wednesday.  It is going to be paired with a Mole sauce!  Super excited for this event.

Or Bock finished lagering out and is tasting great.  One of those beer we tried to hit as close to style as possible so you can be transported to Germany while drinking it.  The beer has a malty front with a touch of cooked caramel that all finished up so clean and smooth.  Yum.

We are transferring our British IPA tomorrow.  This beer takes traditional British malts and hops and use some American hopping techniques on it.  Bread-y-ness form the way the British malts and yeast play off each other are there, but then the slightly earthy and slightly citrus hops come though on the finish.