Thursday, March 19, 2009

So long...farewell...auf Wiedersehen and good buy :(

Hey all,

So, I just went into the cold room and noticed that we have taped our last keg of Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager (PML). Since we took the last shipment of the PML from Bayside, and Smuttynose is discontinuing the brand, I fancy to say that we have the last keg of PML in New Hampshire, if not the world!

So I hereby declare this the unofficial farewell hour/day/weekend (depending on how long it lasts) for the Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager. Come on in and get a last pint of this brew and say your farewells to a long standing regular tap here at the Portsmouth Brewery.




  1. What are you guys replacing it with? The new Smuttynose abbey single?

  2. I'll be in at some point this weekend for one last (imperial) pint! The question now is, what will take the place of that regular tap?

  3. A brewery with no lager on tap isn’t that sacrilegious?


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