Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 5 C's IPA is gone!

Hello all,

The 5 C's is gone and we are going to have to make it again at some point this year. Is it that much better then the Bottle Rocket? Or, is it just a nice change of pace for you guys? Any who it went quick as Tod mentioned.

To replace it we have a very limited amount of last years Sour Brune, 10 gals to be exact. This beer has Lambicus added to it to aid in the secondary fermentation and add another interesting layer of sour character to the beer. Because of the limited quantity we are serving the beer on draft only. But the brewery is always worth the trip!



  1. imho, the Bottle Rocket is world-class. The 5Cs was comparable, like a variation on a great theme. The change was enjoyable, but as long as one is there, the world spins on its true axis.

  2. As much as I truly enjoyed the 5’c I think I am missing the Hop Harvest 2 a lot more.
    MMMMMM 120 pounds of Simcoe ;-)

  3. What he said! Here's a voice for more British bitters and esb's - every one you've made has been a winner.

  4. The Hop Harvest beers (both 1 and 2) were some of my favorite non-Stouts that you guys made last year. #1 was like the perfect session bitter and #2 was one of the best IPAs (is it even considered an IPA?) I've ever had. Even better than the Sierra Nevada wet hop/harvest ales.

    I'm heading over in a minute for a pint of sour brune, the only beer you made last year that I didn't try! Better late than never!

  5. Only had 5 C's at one of the BA beer fests about a year or so ago, but hands down, a much better IPA than the last Bottle rocket I had - which was really sweet and malty with low hop character - a little too balanced if you know what I mean. If I had the power to dictate what you brew, I would have you brew the 5C's instead of the Bottle Rocket - but I know Tod likes balance in his IPA's. ;-)


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