Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Britt for an American

Hey all,

There has been a few changes to the on tap menu here at the brewery. The British mild has been replaced with its American counterpart, the American Mild. This beer is light in body and alcohol (giving it it's Mild part of the name) and then it is hopped similar to and American IPA. Hence, the beer style name of American Mild. It was named Whipper Snapper by a patron the last time it was on. So the boards will say Whipper Snapper while the tap markers still say the old name of American Mild.

Secondly the Winter weizen has gone away and been replaced with out XX Bitter. This, again, is a beer that is on the lower end of the alcohol spectrum at only 5.25% abv. The XX Bitter is hopped similar to an ESB, but then we tweak the style by fermenting it with a Belgian yeast strain. You know us, no beer can be completely strait forward.


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  1. Stopped in tonight, liked the porter, but it definitely needs a little more time to mellow out.

    Was somewhat disappointed in the XX Bitter, looked and smelled like a Hefeweizen. Tasted like a Hefe with a shot of IPA dropped in. Was hoping for more bitterness and hoppy flavors. Oh well, I'm sure the milk stout won't disappoint!!


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