Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take a breath

Hey all,

The Holiday season is over and it is time to take a breath and have a quiet pint.

It looks like everyone is enjoying the 5 C's IPA once again. The bartenders tell me that almost every other beer they are pouring lately is the 5 C's. So all of you hop heads out there keep and eye out for the Imperial Brown we have coming out soon. Charlie over at Smuttnose wanted to brew a batch here at the P-brew. So he came up with the recipe and brewed it here, using a whole bunch of hops. You are going to have to try it when it comes out.

The cask changed to the Black Cat Stout dry hopped w/ Saphir. I feel the stout casks always last longer then most casks we have here. Do you guys not enjoy the Stout on cask as much as a Stout off nitro tap? This is a random question i had in the back of my head, so I thought I would ask.

OK need to get back to it.



  1. Tyler - I think most people drinking stouts like the creaminess that comes from nitro. I know I'm not a huge fan of dry-hopped stouts as I like that smooth, roasted malt/coffee flavor and think the extra hops can alter the flavors too much. Same with the oak aged stuff. I liked the Jack Daniels Oatmeal you had at the open house, but I preferred the straight Oatmeal as I like the sweetness and balance of it. More than other beers, I think non-imperial stouts need to be balanced.

  2. i prefer a nitro tap. for me, a dark beer's richness, creaminess, velvetization are enhanced with nitro.

  3. going against the grain: I like almost any ale better out of the cask.

  4. I like the stouts a lot out of the cask! Nitro was invented to mimic the feel of cask beer without the hassle of actually DOING a cask beer. Why not go for the real thing? (That said, I enjoy stouts on nitro a lot as well... I just like stouts.)

    Although I agree with Mutual Fund Guru, I prefer cask stouts without added dry hops.


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