Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anti-velvetization :)

Hey all,

The cask has changed from Stout to 5 C's IPA dry hopped with Simcoe. Thank you to all who gave their two cents on my cask question. The 5 C's on tap is getting low though, so if you haven't had a change to try it come on in and get a pint before she is gone.

I also updated the upcoming beer list so take a look. We have a good line up of beers coming, to back up the good line up of beers we have now at the P-Brew.

Keep you eyes open and your thirst ready for quenching.



  1. Can't wait for the Baltic Porter! Any critters in the Flanders Red this year? I still rave about that blend with the sour brune you guys did.

  2. Joe and I discussed and we think you should brew an imperial 5 C's. Really blow it out, ~100 IBUs. Would be incredible! Maybe that's just the Nugget Nectar talking though.


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