Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am the ALTerator!

Hello all,

The Smutty Maibock is gone and is replaced by our Double/Imperial Alt that we like to call the ALTerator. This beer has the big malty profile of an Alt beer and it's 7.5% abv is balanced well with subtle German hops. A beautiful beer.

Tod did just get back from GABF, but sadly our Bluebeery, Kolsch, Smoked Dunkel, Hefeweizen and Oatmeal Stout didn’t win anything this year. Wish us better luck next year.


  1. You'll have to bring Kabert next year.

  2. Tyler - You guys sending anything to NERAX this year? How about Smutty?

    Tried the alternator yesterday, now that is a pretty beer!

  3. Guys I had the Altbier with the bratwurst for lunch all I can say is yummy Great job but now I have to choose between that and the Smoked Dunkelweizen my head is starting to hurt

  4. wow, and just when i thought things couldn't get worse in this country, not one winning beer at GABF?? Are the judges the same ones who are making you change all your beer descriptions/advertisements to vague, non-descript verbage as posted on the portsmouth brewery homepage? I'll be over to judge some more of your Fall lineup for myself.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. What happened to the Barley Wine? I don't see it listed on the "What's in the Works" section.


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