Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scotch is on!

We were sick of waiting. The Belgain Tripple kicked so we decied that it was time for the Scotch Ale to go on. Oh man, you need to come on in and try it. Sooooooooooo good.



  1. I'll be there in two hours! Really, I will.

  2. I'm slightly confused with the "shilling" scale. What classifies this a "80 shilling" ale as opposed to a higher level of shillings?. I understand, loosely, that shillings are proportional to the strength of the ale. 9% seems like a lot of shillings, what gives? Assuming its not an arbitrary number, could you drop some knowledge?

  3. Mmm. Scottish + Scotch ales are my favorite style, and I've been brewing nothing but them since last June. (3 batches of 60/-, 5 batches of 80/-, 1 batch of scotch ale).

    Can't wait to try yours - maybe I can convince my girlfriend that portsmouth would be a good place to go on Memorial Day.


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