Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beer Engine

Our beloved beer engine has sprung a leak. I took it apart this morning and cleaned and replaced the seals and check valve to no avail. We are going to need to get parts shiped in to rebuild it. So keep an eye out here to when we get the engine back up and running so you can enjoy our beers on cask again.



  1. Oh No what will I do now
    I have a sneaky suspicion that, Donna broke it she always hated that thing. Could you put a keg on the bar as you did during Craft beer week? That would get her back

  2. Whu BROKE GR@V!TY ? Mr Keg ? M!$$ Grav!ty ???

    Make HOLY HOLE & u$e grav!ty to fill your cup ...

    i'm glad MY hand~pump @!n't BROKE


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