Thursday, May 15, 2008

Overwhelmed in P-brewtown

Greetings all,
I am finally back on track with my brewery operations after a splindid, albeit short, visit to London. Catching up with my daughter and friends Dann Paquette and his wife Martha was great. I already spoke about the Fullers tour, their hospitality and sweet tasting room. We drank some of the beer Dann brews at Daleside Brewery from Yorkshire. A gingered Porter and a pleasent Bitter were among some tasty brews. Dann also indulged us in some Scottish (?) Extreme beers from a company called Brewdog. These were scotch infused ales and some crazy hopped up thing. The day got a little long for me and I lost my tasting notes!!
However, some of the coolest stuff we did in London aside from the Tate Modern, which would fill an entire block of blog and I will get to some day, was hanging at the pubs. Two of which were The Market Porter right across from Boroughs Market( open air market ) and The George an old inn with full gallery courtyard and just sooo olde!! The UK has such an amazing pub culture and you just hang out and imbibe. Not to get drunk but to ponder life,enjoy the setting and communicate with one another. You just enjoy the scene. I wonder why our pub scene here in America is so different. I guess I'll need to spend more serious reserch and development time in the UK pubs figure it out and fill us in on the datails!
Now on another note, the whole Kate the Great issue needs to be resolved asap so I can sleep at night and not be worrying if we've made the right decision. As wonderful as Kate is there is a limited supply of this fine elixir. We can only make about 330 gallons per double batch due to this smallness of the Portsmouth Brewerys brew length. There is just not enough to go around. DRINK IT HERE AND ENJOY IT HERE!!! Take home a bottle or two or a growler share this fine product Do not hoard it or put it on E-Bay for resale!! Just enjoy it, It will be back again in Jan. '09
With my heart in my throat, Todm


  1. By launching on a Tuesday afternoon, I think you may be able to avoid some of the hysteria that would have followed a Friday or Saturday release.

    I know I'm planning on taking the afternoon off and walking over, but if the line is ridiculous, I'll grab a seat inside, split a sampler with a friend, and order a pint at 2:27 and hope it arrives by 3!

    Who knows, maybe it will rain all day and provide a level of crown control.

  2. Tod, you are the man. I hope all works out for you. I think it is awesome to do it on a tuesday and I hope the two bottle limit comes into place. I will be there for sure to have a great time. Not trying to make a quick buck on ebay, dam hoarders.

  3. Tod I’m the guy that you took on the tour at 5:00 Thursday thanks again
    I dropped a couple of thank you gifts off with Tyler make sure he shares

  4. Is the growler limit going to be 2 like it was this winter? Also, is it possible to age Kate in the growlers?

  5. For my two cents, I think you should offer 3 or 4 beers a person. This way everyone gets enough to drink one, stick one or two in the cellar, and give one to a friend/trade one. 6 is more than anyone needs, and just encourages people to sell the beer they don't need. I was just at dark lord day (where there was a 6 beer limit), and tons of people were trying to sell their beer within hours. Can't wait to come to Portsmouth for the first time!


  6. Rel,
    Thank you for your two cents. The reason that DLD can relase 6 bottles per person is that they are 5 times the size of us!!! The offical number of bottles per person is still in debate so you need to read the post "Kate the Great - Tulipomania Redux? Vote for you fav!!!" And vote for your voice to be heard.

  7. Tod, Tyler,
    I was at DLD and showed up hours early. We were somewhere about 300-350 people back in line. But it was fun meeting beer lovers for around the country. It was fun to trade beer and stories! You can't stop the Ebayers no matter what you do. Which sucks! But I want to get some for my cellar, some for my belly and some for my friends. O and just one for a trade with a friend in Mississippi who just can't make it up here. 6 is a good number even if it goes fast. On a Tuesday I'm hoping not too many people will be there. If they are, I'll try again on Wednesday (only an hour ride from Boston). Plus I'd like to have a chance to drink some of the other awesome brews and grab a bite to eat. See you guys soon!


  8. i can't wait! no matter what you guys do, you will end up with complainers. if i only get one beer, i will be happy. i just want to try it and let as many people enjoy it who want to enjoy it. i think the true beer lovers will be there and will hopefully all feel the same way so there's no nastiness. i really just want to make it in the door on that day. maybe imperial pint club members could be given first dibbs on getting in the door 1st?


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