Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Greetings All Beer Lovers,
I want to throw a few million thanks out to everyone who attended today's release of Kate the Great. I want to thank Peter and Joanne for all of their efforts to make Kate's release so incredibly easy. I would also like to thank our incredible staff for their attention to detail and taking care of business, and lastly I'd like to throw a big thank you to Brennen R who made it all work. Wow, what an incredible day! I can only hope that everyone had as great a day as they expected. Cheers! and here is to KtG 2013. Todm


  1. Tod,

    I concur with the millions of thanks to all. I made it in line at 10 and met some great new people, was invited by the staff to brave the patio at a six top with my friend and met more great new people, and finally took my first sip of three Kate's. Totally worth the time spent in the cold and it surely paired well with my delicious hot pastrami on rye.

    The smiles from ear to ear of not only those there to get their share of Kate but the entire staff as well. Thank you everyone for making this a hellofa great day for my first Kate day. See you all next year and many days in between at the PB!


  2. With the exception of the awful girl that cut in line at the Ladd St. corner around 8:30AM and then proceeded to tell everyone that the town should be spelled Portsmith if that's how they're going pronounce, it was a fun fun day. Nearly lost a few toes, but met a kind beer drinker that gave me some toe-warmers for my shoes.


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