Sunday, March 18, 2012

And then there were 9.....

Hey all,
Sorry about this but I am having a hell of a time carbonating the Flanders Red. It seems to have a mind of its and it would rather not carbonate!! So, I have decided to pull the Flanders off for the night, I plan on ramping up the head pressure tonight and carbonating tomorrow morning. The red will be on tomorrow for he "opening bell". I am truly sorry to disappoint anyone who had their heart set on having a glass of the "sour" today. Let's see what tomorrow brings...... hopefully happiness! Cheers! Todm
PS There is some of the Really Old Brown Dog, which in my humble opinion, is tasting quite delicious with the vanilla and port wood coming on strong to balance the big bold flavors of the old ale. Enjoy

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  1. Try 2, I think blogger ate my comment...


    There was wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth. Flanders is maybe my second favorite beer that you brew because I'm a huge sour beer geek. When I saw that it was on I decided that I had to come to town today and have some.

    So, I put my KtG winning tickets in my pocket and headed on over, all the way from Maine! Okay, so I live in Kittery. But, it's so much harder with the missing bridge.

    But, when I got there: no Flanders! I wailed, I moaned, I rended my garments and gnashed my teeth.

    I had some Abbey, which made me happier, but it wasn't the same.

    I did trade in my KtG tickets and that made me very happy... Even so, I'll apparently have to come back soon.


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