Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year brings New Beers...

Hey all,

So with 2011 just starting it brings a lot of excitement here at the brewery. People keep coming in to try our delicious food and our hand crafted libations. So with the demand higher then ever the the production space the same as it was in 1991 when the place opened we are trying to get creative to keep the Portsmouth Brewery tap lines filled with great beer for you guys. Here is our plan.

We are going to increase our guest taps from three to four at the Portsmouth Brewery. Three of the guest taps will be a Smuttynose products. This could be any combination of Finest Kind IPA, Shoals Pale Ale, Old Brown Dog, Star Island Single and maybe a Big Beer or even something super special. This leaves us the fourth tap to be our rotating guest tap. On the rotating guest tap you will find that we are trying to showcase a certain beer or a certain Brewery for a month. As the regulars most likely noticed we have had on Sierra Nevada Celebration for the month of December. For the month of January we are going to be getting in some Allagash very soon. You will be quite curious what we are going to be putting on tap:) Then looking forward to February we are about to finalize some delicious beers from the Berkshire Brewing Company (BBC). So as you see we are going to keep the guest beers fresh and interesting.

With this is place we are hoping that we the brewers of the Portsmouth Brewery will be able to keep making interesting, flavorful and unique beers for all of you out there. With the hope that the quality of the beers will meet up to the discerning taste buds of our loyal customers and everyone that puts there lips to a pint of Portsmouth Brewery beer.

Cheers to 2011,


  1. Would be great to see the Big Beers and the Short Batches on tap on a regular basis. Seems weird to have to hit RiRa or the Blue Mermaid to get them on tap. Have you done any kind of comparison of Star Island and Dirty Blonde sales? I would think they would have similar drinker profiles, so maybe concentrating on Dirty Blonde as the "light" beer option would make sense? In any event, definitely excited for the guest tap and all the great beers you guys have in the works!

  2. Is the Black IPA really on tap???


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