Friday, May 28, 2010

Pils von Faust vom Fass

Hey all,

Come try the Pils von Faust from the tap (basically what I was trying to say in the title of the post). This is the Pilsner that Tod and Cornlius Faust brewed together here a the P-brew. the closest I have ever had to a fresh traditional German Pilsner. I'm sorry its only double hopped, unlike that "lite" beer from SAB Miller which is triple hopped. You be the judge, and let us know which one is a better Pilsner.



  1. It's "Fass" :-)

  2. This beer was my savior yesterday after chowderfest. A very warm day saved by a tasty, crisp pilsner. Thanks guys!

  3. Prosit zum eine sehr gute Bier! I wish this beer was on tap throughout the Summer; it is an awesome beer. Danke!


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