Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beer Social Tonight!

Hey all,

Hope to see you all at tonights beer social, downstairs in the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge 6-8pm. I tried a bite of the Tamales this morning which were great. I am excited to try the rest of it tonight.

Here's the menu:

Hot Smoked Salmon Platter with garnishes and sourdough crisps.
Beer pairing - Dirty Blonde Ale

Jonnycakes with green apple and Maine Crab Salad.
Beer pairing - Weizenheimer

Corn and clam fritters.
Beer pairing - Smuttynose Old Brown Dog

Peppered Bison Skewers with Huckleberry Demi.
Beer pairing - Black IPA

Warm Apricot-Stuffed Tamales.
Beer pairing - Aged Wheat Wine


1 comment:

  1. Big thanks to Tod, Todd, Tyler, Peter, and everyone else that helped make last night such a deliciously good time.

    My friend was in town from San Diego and loved the beer, food, and good vibes in the Lounge, as did my wife and I. You guys rock!


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