Friday, April 16, 2010

German aproved

Hey all,

We just said goodbye to Cornelius Faust, the Head brewer of Faust Brewery (Brauhaus) in Miltenberg Germany. When Tod was in Germany he brewed with Cornelius at Brauhaus Faust, so we thought we would return the favor. Luckily, Horst Dornbush, a brewer turned journalist and long time friend of Tod, was showing Cornelius around New England before he had to head back to Germany. Cornelius spoke really great English, but some brewing terms didn't translate that well. So Horst helped with that plus was one more head in the mix for Thursdays brew. Which was helpful.

But first, on Tuesday Cornelius brewed his first IPA ever when he helped us brew the 5 C's IPA. He loved the smells coming out of the kettle and hop back. They were totally different then the traditional German hop aromas he is used to. He took copious notes and I wouldn't be surprised if you see and IPA style coming out of Brauhaus Faust soon.

Then on Thursday we got to brew one of his recipes. The Faust Pilsner. This gave us the challenge of doing an upwards infusion mash, on a system that really wasn't set up for it. But with the four heads working, of brewers from both sides the the Atlantic, we were successful. We made a very traditional German Style Pils that is just starting fermentation now but should come out to be around 4-4.5% ABV. Yes, it is a lager, so you all are going to have to wait about 7-9 weeks for this one. But it will be worth the wait.



  1. Wow, I'm surprised you guys are even equipped to brew lagers just because you never do. Are you just using lager yeast and not cold fermenting it or are you able to cold ferment it?

  2. I'm not a big pilsner guy, but drinking a fresh German style pilsner, as opposed to those that are shipped here in green bottles and are almost always skunked, is worth a shot!

  3. When will the 5 C's be ready? I don't want to miss one of my favorite beers.

  4. awesome, i love a good german pils! take your pils!


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