Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You like the big beers huh?

So the Killer B lasted about a day. We have our last vintage beer the '06 Wheatwine on tap now. It went on last night after the Killer B so there is only a little bit hanging around. Most likely it will kick today, just an FYI. This is the wheat wine that was judged last year that gave us a silver medal at the GABF for the Wheatwine category. Toffee sweetness the main flavor and the 11.5% abv is so very mellowed it tastes like a 4% session beer.

The cask has changed over to Oatmeal dry hopped with Columbus as well.



  1. So what's after the Wheat Wine? The Alternator still needs a few days, right? I was actually planning on trying the Killer B today, I'd never had a braggot before (plus it's the top rated of its style on BA). oh well, maybe next year. hopefully the wheat wine can last until 5:30ish.

  2. Tried the wheat wine, man is that smooth. If I didn't know ahead of time that it was 11.5% ABV, I would have been in trouble. Also tried the hop harvest and honestly, you guys could make that year round and it would probably be your best seller. Smooth and full flavored, yet minimal bitterness to appease the masses. Come up with a catchy name (EESB isn't bad) and you've got yourself a winner. I see it as a definite crossover beer for people that are used to less complex macro brews but are looking for something higher quality they can drink all night (might need to take it down to 5% ABV from 6% to be a true session beer though). I can't say enough good things about it, it was that impressive.

    P.S. - When can we expect the Octoberfest?

  3. Well if that kicks and you run out of vintage brews. You could always try to get a keg of 2005 Double Bastard Ale or 2006 Double Bastard Ale that be a close second (one can always hope)

  4. Tyler,

    Please update on status of Belgian Style Triple Bock!

    We are anxiously awaiting it's return....

    Also looking for more information on your smoked dunkelweizen..



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