Monday, September 29, 2008

Here Comes Fall!

Greetings fellow beer enthusiasts! It has been a long time since I have posted because Tyler is the "unofficial" blogmaster general and I am usually tied up in the brewery plus..... my typing skills are only rivaled by 5 year olds!!. So, here it is 1 day 'til October and and we have a whole bunch of new brews to let you in on.
First off the Oktoberfest beer is on and smooth as silk. With an upfront Munich flavor the maltiness is caressed with some noble Czech Saaz hops. OH Yea!! This beauty is honey in color with a very drinkable body followed by a kiss of hops. A true lager with unparalleled smoothness.
Speaking of smooth we just put on the Milk Stout which has 30 pounds of lactose, a milk sugar, which is an unfermentable sugar which leaves a percieved sweetness on the tongue. If one is lactose intollerant please do not imbibe! However, if you like a well balanced "sweet" stout your ship has come in. Big chocolate and roasty note followed by a swift sweet note.
On the other side of the sweetness scale is our third and final offering our Hop Harvest 2. This is our second "wet" hop beer for the year. This baby has 120 pounds of wet Simcoe hops added throughout the entire boil. 75/45/30/15/10 & 5 minute additions plus a whirlpool and hopback addition. This one is the real deal. It took all our brewing skills to finagle the hops into this beer but worth the effort. The Simcoe hops give the beer a huge citrus note very reminescent of grapefruit. It is not just for breakfast anymore!! or something like that. This one is for true hopheads. Enjoy! Cheers! Todm


  1. Love the milk stout and the grapefruit bitterness in HH#2 is actually really pleasant (spoken by a non-hophead/IPA guy). The Octoberfest, however, is a little too sweet. Needs some more body/bitterness or something. It is definitely smooth, but not fall/October enough.

    Barleywine is coming early November/late December? I have a queue of visitors that are dying to try it.

  2. mutual fund guru, you must be over there every nite, hope you're an Imperial pint club member!!! i can't wait to get back over there as soon as i'm off these meds and my pinched nerve becomes unpinched.

  3. nflbrew - every other, fiancee is making me cut back.

  4. Hey Tyler/Tod - Do you guys participate in BBC's hop sharing program? Just saw that they are releasing additional Tettnang hops for those that missed out before. This seems like a pretty cool program, but I'm skeptical as to why a publicly traded company would be willing to help out the competition. Unless Jim Koch is just that kinda nice.


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