Monday, December 10, 2012

Rocky Road Stout...

Hey all,

Since you have had a chance to try to Rocky Road Stout what do you guys think?  Anything that you would want to change the next tiem it is made?  Just the right Fluff aromatic?  Were you hoping for more or less Amaretto Oak characteristic?  Do you like the Chocolate flavor in the beer?

Feedback is always welcome :)

Tyler Jones


  1. i tried it this past saturday... don't change a thing, it was wonderful! perfect refreshment after spending the morning christmas shopping in portsmouth :D

  2. I'll have to wait until this weekend to try it, but I just wanted to make a broader comment. It has nothing to do with the beer quality, which is almost always great, or the beer offerings, which are broad and always interesting. What would be very helpful, though, would be to add some of the beer info, background and all that from this site to a printed beer menu or board in the bar. The CBC in Cambridge does a nice job of this with their beer menus--some info on the beer, maybe some background, plus stats (ABV, serving size, IBU and so forth)--and I'd love to see similar info at Portsmouth. Then again, nothing beats the Portsmouth sampler for full sensory info.

  3. Hey Mike,

    The reason we don't have a printed menu on the tables is that our beer changes so frequently that we would have to be recycling multiple pieces of paper and printing off new menus almost every day. A greener solution we came up with is to have a description of each beer, with some fun facts, in our computer system. So if you ask you server they will be able to print off a little description on one or multiple of the beers we have on tap. Hope this gets you the info that you are looking for and glad you are going to make it in this weekend for a pint!


  4. Oh, what's this I Imperial Stout in the works??


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