Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Satchmo in da house!

Greetings beer lovers,
We got lucky and snagged a few logs of the limited release Satchmo, from Smuttynose, that will be our Sunday special beer!. Satchmo is an English style brown porter with black Trumpet mushrooms foraged by no other than Evan Mallet of the Black Trumpet restaurant here in Portsmouth. The collaboration between Evan and Smuttynose has had a great effect on the use of non traditional ingredient in the Smutynose short batch and might get Dave and crew to think about other weird ingredients(?). The mushrooms add an aromatic quality to the beer that Charlie Ireland from Smuttynose calls "Fun-guy" (fungi- yuk-yuk!). The brown porters of England have a well balanced body with a touch of residual sweetness and not a huge amount of alcohol either(approx 4.5%abv.) making for a great drinking brown porter. Lastly, the addition of sherry soaked oak chips during conditioning adds in a "barrel" character to this unique short batch series. Come on in on Sunday and enjoy a pint or two of this wonderful brown porter. Cheers! Todm

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