Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where's the highschool French teacher when you need one...

Hey all,

So we made a new beer for this fall, a Fall Saison, which we used Butternut Squash in the mash and only spiced with a three peppercorn blend. I'm really excited to see how it is going to turn out. But now i want to name it correctly. With my English grammar/tenses already not my strong suit, how do you say "Fall Saison" in french?

Is is Saison Autumn, or Saison l'Autumn or Saison l'Automne, or has i missed it completely. Let me know.



  1. I think it is "saison l'automne" but it might be "la saison de l'automne."

  2. I think it's spelled, Kate the Great. Throw that out there and see what happens.

    Also, what hops were used in HH #2?

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  4. Well i have had as many different spellings as there are pounds of hops in the HHII. So i am going to go with a mash of them all and call it saison d'automne. And to answer your question Rob, HHII 60#'s of wet Citras per 7bbls.

    Cheers, Tyler

  5. Thanks Tyler. It was excellent.

  6. When will the pumpkin be on tap??

  7. Saison d'automne sounds about right.
    Says the french Quebecer girl.

  8. Hello!
    For your answer, fall season mean only Automne.
    This is what we say here in Québec. We don't said the season before like summer time is ''Été'', or Winter season, we said great shit happen... hihihihii

    I will taste your beer in November. I'm going to see the concert of TSO in Manchester. It will be my second visit at the Brewery, I meant Brasserie
    See you


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