Monday, August 15, 2011

IPA madness...

hey all,

So I know that international IPA day had come and gone. But here at the Portsmouth Brewery we are having our own little IPA celebration. The Suttynose IPA is on along side of our Bottle Rocket IPA. A cask of Bottle Rocket IPA dryhopped with Magnum is getting tapped today. Plus, on Tuesday we are pouring The Smuttynose Noonan which is their Black IPA. Better late then never!



  1. Being a retired senior I was fascinated by the
    Picture on the Smuttynose IPA of the 2 old geezers in the lawn chairs.
    I had to try your IPA.
    Many years ago,Pryer to the age of the microbrewery, I drank a lot of Ballintine Pale India Ale until they discontinued the IPA Big mistake.
    I don't know the proper brewers terms to describe your SN IPA but I love it!
    It has mixed flavors in the head and a sweetish taste followed by the Hoppy finish.
    Totally pleasant and refreshing.
    Good job from a New Jersey senior.
    Walt Werner

  2. Hi Walter,
    Thanks for the great testimonial of our IPA! My dad worked at the Ballantine Brewery in NJ, feel free to drop me a line.

    Kevin Love
    VP Sales and Marketing
    Smutyynose Brewing Co.


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