Monday, August 29, 2011

Firkin Friday is coming back...

Hey all,

So we just got word that Smuttynose is filling some firkins for us! Not this Friday but next Friday (9/9) we are going to have a firkin of Smuttynose Big A IPA getting tapped at noon. Then the following Friday we are getting some big beer love. On 9/16 we will have a firkin of Smuttynose Gravitation getting tapped at noon. For those if you who are still learning about the cask beer world, a firkin is an 11 gal cask, that will be sitting on the end of the bar. The beer is gravity poured, served a bit warmer and a bit less carbonation (both help the flavor of the beer come out). the best way to enjoy a beer!




  1. Was the Big A the beer in the firkin on Friday the 10th? I'm writing a lunchtime review and don't want to lie about it.


    chris geiger

  2. I'm coming out from St.Louis on Friday 9/28. Any firkin's being tapped that day?


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