Thursday, July 7, 2011

We got a little something to tell y'all....

Hey all,

So the Brew House computer had been down for almost a week!!! I apologize for not keeping the 'What's on tap" section updated during that time. But i can assure you we have a new machine that is 10x faster then the old one. The blog is where it is at!

So if you haven't already heard through the grapevine we putting Little Sumpin' on tap tonight at 6 o'clock! We are excited to have Leon Sharyon, (the CFO of Lagunitas who happens to be vacationing in the area) here to do the ceremonial tapping. We are the first draft account in the North East for the Little Sumpin', and the second on the east coast. New York city got a couple of kegs before we did, but they are almost their own country down there. I mean did you see the first "Sex in the City" movie. That was the first time the left the city! But i digress.

So we have smuttynose IPA taking ownership of the line behind Stone's Ruination, which kicked yesterday. though at 6 tonight we are tapping a Little Sumpin' so be here or be square.



  1. Any update on the beer dinner?

  2. 1) I second Rob's question!

    2) Welcome back to the internets, we've missed you.

    3) The LSS is soooo hoppy. Oh my word, I haven't been to the west coast in a while, but you've brought the west coast to us!


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