Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Rye time...

Hey all,

So I just realized that i hadn't mentioned anything about the Winter Rye yet. So here it is. The Winter Rye is the bigger bolder (winter) version of our medal winning Rye Not. We bumped up the abv to 7% so to keep the balance in this beer we added some more crystal malts to to mix. This slight increase of malt sweetness turns the red apple flavor that you got from the Rye Not into a much more candy apple flavor, but you still get that nice rye malt tartness/crispness in the finish. Yumm.

The cask is Scotch ale with Lagavulin Oak. Nothing pairs better with a Scotch Ale then some peaty Islay single malt Scotch.

Ok, I got to get back to mashing in the Flanders Red...One of my favorite beers to make just because of the challenge of souring a mash in a single temperature infusion mash tun. Danger is my middle name!


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  1. I just realized Portsmouth Brewery has a blog and I'm glad you do. It's great to know what's coming up and when it's out. Looking forward to the milk stout!


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