Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The IPA paradox

Hey all,

Summer time here at the P-brew is always and exciting time and since you guys are in love with the Bottle Rocket IPA I felt i need to explain the paradox.

We brew double batches (14bbl) of this glorious elixir to try to keep it on tap all the time. A batch of IPA takes at least 14 days from brewing to being ready to serve on the taps. This give us 2 serving tanks worth of IPA for service, and allows us to brew a new batch of IPA.

So here is our dilemma, The first serving tank of the IPA that is on tap is almost gone and it has been on for 6 days. The back up IPA always has less in it since that is what we bottle off of to keep the 22oz in the store. Since we are brewing the IPA today it is going to need 14 days to be ready. With the second serving tank of Bottle Rocket IPA going on soon I am not sure how long it is going to last.

So long story short, we are most likely going to have to have some Smuttynose IPA on tap in the near future to let the Bottle Rocket that we are brewing today finish. I mention this because of all the comments on Facebook about us having Smuttynose IPA that happened the last time we put it on. I agree with you that I would rather have our Bottle Rocket on too! But I felt that I owed all you loyal P-brew fans an explanation so you know what is going on when you see Smuttyones IPA come back on tap.


P.S. The Black Cat Stout kicked last night and now we have Oatmeal Stout on. Yumm!


  1. Wait, people were complaining about Smutty IPA? Who are these jokers?

  2. Seriously, who would complain about local, fresh Smutty IPA?? I'd kick the whiners out of the bar on principle. Bottle Rocket kicks ass, but for a substitute I'd take fresh Smutty over Stone IPA any day (and I LOVE Stone IPA). Bring it!


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