Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer time and the Wiezen is tasty...

Hey all,

The Wiezenheimer is back on tap here at P-brew. A great, easy drinking, American wheat ale. Perfect for a sunny day like this weekend is bringing. As you can see from the in the works section we have the Murphy's law RED our Belgian Wit (WHITE) and the Bluebeery (BLUE) all in the works. I wonder when they are all going to be on tap together?

Yes, it is true. We are working our our beer line up for the 4th of July. But i hope to see you in here for a pint before that!



  1. Hey Tyler, have you guys ever brewed a Berliner Weiss? Seems like it's a style that's on the upswing, not sure of the mechanics of brewing it though. Could be a great summer beer and collaboration with the kitchen to get a tasty syrup to go along with it. Just a thought. Will hopefully be in to try the Gose and Belgian today.

  2. Tyler - When are the Red, White, and Blue coming on tap? Any chance by Thursday? I'm heading out for the weekend Thursday night and wanted to get a growler or two filled of the Red.


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