Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prost to Bottle rocket IPA!

Hey all,

Bottle Rocket IPA is back on. I hope you guys enjoyed the 90 min from Dogfish, it is such a great beer. Other beer change is that the Thaizenheimer is gone for another season. We wont see it again until next summer. Our Hefeweizen has replaced it. Now with the Octoberfest in the works and the Hefe on we are ready for fall. So raise your beer stines and welcome in the cooler weather.




  1. Tyler, were those bottles of 07 and 08 Kate you put into the cooler this week, bottle aged or oak aged. Just trying to clear up a little something on the Beer Advocate forums

  2. Hey Joe,

    We put three different kinds of Kate in the store. There was some 07' , 07' doubled oak (aka oak^2) and some 08'. They were all bottled aged here at the brewery. As you probably know we do some oaking for every batch of Kate. The double oak is rarer since we re-used the "oak bomb" and only get 5 gal of oak^2 every year. I hope this answers your question.



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