Friday, September 4, 2009

Kate has left the building

Greetings beer lovers, Tod here to fill you in on what is happening here at the brewery. As you may or may not know we found an '09 Kate stashed in a remote corner of the cellar. So, like Kabert, we put on Kate without much fanfare and she only lastred a few hours. Sad face:(- however we have a new batch of Le Chat Noir brewed with a slightly different Belgian yeast strain that produced a lovely dry stout. We also incorporated some cold water coffee extract to heighten the roastiness of the black beauty. I am carbonating Le Chat right now and it should be ready to consume in an hour and a half. I hope everyone is enjoying this fine early fall weather. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Cheers! Todm

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  1. I'm planning on driving almost 2hrs on Sunday for some Bluebeery for the wife, PLEASE don't run out!! I was hoping for some of that Kate and some great IPA but it looks like I'll have to make due with some Dodfish. See you on Sunday.


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