Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey all,

As Tod mentioned I am back from being on a boat. I was corrected by one of the cruise staff that I was on a ship, rather then a boat. Which totally made sense, since this ship held 2000 passengers as well at 1200 crew to keep all the food, shows and fun running for the full 7 days. I got a great sunburn and lost about 200 bucks in the casino. That is what vacation is all about!

So after landing in Boston on Friday morning and I called Tod to say that I am going to make it up in Portsmouth to catch a ride with him to the Vermont Brewers Fest (VBF). Off from vacation straight to work pouring 3oz beers for thousands of people. No rest for the weary. This years VBF was as crazy as I have ever seen it. All three sessions (one fri night and two on sat) were sold out and every one was thirsty. Plus, it was just Tod and I up there this year so we were pouring for all three sessions. We had to collect tickets while pouring which sounds like a simple concept. Give me one ticket and I give you one beer. But we got every trick in the book pulled on us from the people trying to get a free beer. Young woman just expecting a free beer and complaining after I asked for a ticket smugly saying ,"Oh, I haven't had to use these in a while." People using the fake dropping ticket move and saying, "Oh ya I put it in there." The half ticket in the bucket maneuver. Even the palming of the ticket just in case I didn't ask for it; and once I do acting like they were going to give it to me the whole time. Amazing what people try to do for free beer.

But any who, its Monday after a vacation week so there is tons to do here, so I have to get back to it.


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  1. Are you going to put on any Dogfish head for their visit?


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