Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just a little preview

Hey all,

The 5 C's IPA isn't on yet....but we did sneak out the casks a bit early. We are just excited to try this beer as you guys are. If you don’t remember last years 5 C's IPA here is a little refresher. The 5 C's has five hop varieties used through out the brewing process and come off as a more west coast IPA. Meaning that there is a little bit more bitterness and more citrus aroma and flavor then our Bottle Rocket. But don’t drink the cask! I want to save it for myself :)



  1. Woo-Hoo!!! I love your Belgians (Alewife and I are just finishing a growler of your Tripel right now) and I loved Kate!! But, bring on da hops!!! 5-C's is A-1!!!


  2. Hi guy's I can’t wait for the hops. Are you going to do the Baltic Porter this year if I remember correctly? It was out close to the end of next month and I didn’t see it coming up yet

  3. Hey Tyler, I bugged you guys about schwarzbier last year and Tod said you were likely going to make it. Any word?

    Also, had the dubbel last week. Love the bubble gum flavor.


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