Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 C's, yummmmmy!

hey all,

We took off the Flanders and replaced the line with our 5 C's IPA. It is hop-a-lish! Big citrus note and the lingering hop flavor that wont quit! For you hop heads out there this is your beer.

I know that the Flanders was enjoyed by many. But to the sour fans keep and eye out, I said we took off the Flanders, not that the Flanders kicked. We are up to no good here in the brew house. Bwahahahaha!



  1. So does this mean you guys are doing the blend of the 1 year old Flanders Red with this current one now?

    One of the waiters kind of blabbed about it a lot back in January.

  2. Close, we are going to be blending a year old Sour Brune that has Lambicus added to it. Along with adding some tart cheeries. Kreik any one :)

  3. That, is far more impressive. I look forward to it.


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