Friday, July 11, 2008


I just want to let everyone know that we have gotten a couple of concerns on two of our beers.

First, we had a Bluebeery Ale sent back because it tasted too much like blueberries! We do uses 120lbs of real blueberries per 7bbl of beer, so they might be on to something .

Secondly we after our Imperial IPA went on we had a complaint that it tasted too hoppy! Well not really, it was compared to a west coast IPA. So we stole a few tricks from the west coasters, hop backs, dry hopping, having 8 kettle hop additions. We wanted to wake up those taste buds of you all!

I thought I needed to share that with you all.



  1. I didn’t make a complaint Tyler it was a complement. The hop nose is much more pronounced on this batch more of a west coast style which is a good thing for a DIPA .The malt balance is still there in the flavor. So you don’t get that over the top west coast hop bitter and that is a good thing in my book and others judging by the ratings
    Now the blueberry being to blueberrish (is that a word) that wasn’t me

  2. If people complain, send them over to Red Hook to drink some Sunrye. Possibly the least offensive beer ever brewed.

    A colleague of mine that moved back from Portland, OR last year loved the Imperial IPA. He actually bought a growler and finished it that night with his wife. I think I forgot to tell him it was 9% ABV, he was in rough shape at 8AM the next day.

    IPA's aren't my thing, but I'll drink any and everything else you guys brew.

  3. Joe,

    No worries brother! I was just giving you a hard time. After the bluebeery thing to hear that i had to say something. I am glad youare likeing the Imperial IPA!


  4. Wow, if anything, I thought the Blueberry had less of a blueberry flavor than in years past.


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