Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Market Square Day!

Hello all,

Today is Market Square Day here in Portsmouth. If you are reading this and are planning on coming downtown for the festivities I wish you good luck finding parking. For Market Square Day the streets are closed off, vendors of all sorts are everywhere, plus all the restaurants and bars are open and ready for you. A good time for all ages here in Portsmouth.

But back to the beer! I have a couple of beer changes that I want to share with you.

First off the Scotch ale is gone. But we filled that tap handle with our Saison. Saison's are deemed Farmhouse style ales because every person that worked in the fields as part of their payment received beer from the owners own special recipe made in his farmhouse. This makes every Saison slightly different. Ours is light in body with a very nice fruity and spicy notes for the Belgian yeast strain we used. Robust in flavor but sill very drinkable.

Secondly, The Wiezenhiemer is going to kick in about 35 seconds. So I am telling the future to you, and my crystal ball says that Wild Thang is to follow. Wild Thang is a wild rice beer. It is not made completely from wild rice (sorry if you have a gluten allergy) but there is enough added to the mash to give a beautiful nutty character to the beer. The late additions of Sterling hops add a cherry flavor to the light bodied beer.

Thirdly, The cask has changed to Oaked Bottle Rocket IPA. Bringing IPA back to its root of traveling across the seas in a wooden barrel. We didn’t rock it back and forth for days on end to totally simulate the traveling. Or vibrate it at 135 hertz (OMmmmmm ☺). But the oak adds some nice tannin character with a hint of vanilla that play nicely with the hoppy IPA.

That’s it for now!


  1. So, how good does it feel to put Kate the Great up in the "What's in the Works" section?

  2. Hey guys, can't wait for the KtG release, hoping to grab my two bottles then go in and have a couple with a nice lunch. Also, I was away at school while you guys released the Sour Brune. I really want to try this brew and was wondering will you guys be brewing this again anytime in the near future or perhaps further down the road?


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