Sunday, June 8, 2008

Breathing, and sleeping, again in Portsmouth

Whew! The sleepless night are over now that the issues surrounding Kate the Great have been resolved. The people have spoken. The laws have been laid out. I know that there will be some unhappy soles out there but I am convinced more people will be able to get this wonderful stout for more days than our previous release. The timing in December was perfect depending on how you look at the half full glass. The BeerAdvocates deemed this wonderful elixer the 2nd best beer on the planet and the #1 beer in America!! WOW!! No wonder there was such a fast run on poor Kate.There will be a limit on the amount of bottles available per person and no growlers available. If we had a 50 barrel capacity things would be different. But realistically, with only 75 cases being produced (and let me tell you how excited I am about this prospect) and the remainder available in draught only I am convinced the beer will last longer for more people to enjoy. I hope to meet many of you out there in "blogland" at the release of Kate on the 24th. Till next time. Cheers! Todm


  1. Sir,
    Will you ever again be making Russian Kvass style beer? I am from Russia and I live in Dover and this news would be simply fantastic to me! Please, give us a ray of hope! :-)

  2. Just wanted to apologize for spilling the beans early on the Kate thing.

    I'll drop off a special bottle of beer to you guys in a couple weeks. Any place I should leave it as to make sure it gets to you? What's Peter's favorite style?

    Best of luck on Tuesday. I'm sure everyone will come away very impressed.



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