Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tõlked see õlu on Uskumata!

Hey all,

New beer hit the taps yesterday...the Uskumata Saison.  This beer is an Estonian inspired farmhouse ale.  Estonia has lots of Juniper growing so we finished this 4.9% abv light bodied Rye Saison with locally foraged Juniper berries and boughs.  The rye malt gives that unique spicy flavor and the Juniper comes as a post nasal hint of piney/woods after the swallow.  The name Uskumata came when Tyler Sildve (assistant brewer, aka T2) father tried the beer out of the fermenter.  He was born in Estonia and exclaimed, "Tõlked see õlu on Uskumata!"  Which translates to, "This beer is amazing!"


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