Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Back!

Hey all,

So I have been back for a few days now. there was so much to catch up on ate being gone for 15 days that this is my first time to have a few minutes to sit and fill you all in. I got married on October 1st to Rachel who i had been dating for 6 years already. So to answer the inevitable question...not to much has changed...other then my left hand feeling oddly heavy :) We headed up to Bah Habah, aka Bar Harbor if my down east accent didn't translate correctly, for the Honeymoon. We spent the days in Acadia National Park, hiking and biking, and the evenings eating and drinking our honeymoon away. We had an amazing time up there since it was our first time, but we both decided it wont be our last. I am excited to be back at P-brew making beer again. Not making beer for that long i went though a bit of withdrawals, but I feel back into it like I was riding a bike.

Since I've been back we have made the Biere de Garde, Le Chat Noir, Wheatwine and a Berliner Wiess. Nothing like some fun beers to get the brewing juices flowing again.

See you soon for a pint!


  1. Is the Berlinner Weisse going to be on tap soon? I can't wait for that one.

  2. Hummm, the truth is that we were planing on kegging off the Berliner Weisse and saving it for the first hot day of the summer next year. Berliner Weisse's are known to aged for upwards of 5 years in some cases. We are going to get our bar chef Dean to make up some syrups for us, raspberry and woodruff, so we can serve it as is or the traditional "mit schuss".



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