Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kolsch & BBC is on for Feb

Hey all,

So the double batch of 5 C's IPA was drank at a great clip. I hope you enjoyed that fact that is lasted longer then it had been in the past because of the 14 bbls we made this time. We have replaced it with our Kolsch.(sorry i cant figure out how to put the umlaut [this thing ¨] over the O)

The Kolsch is a German ale that is lagered that is traditionally brewed in Cologne Germany. This beer is extremely light in body but with a great grassy/floral/German hop flavor. Very, very drinkable and very delectable. So for the guest tap line for the month of February we are going to have Berkshire Brewing Company showcased. The first on tap is their Lost Sailor IPA. It is a great example of a British influenced American IPA. At 5.5% ABV is very drinkable IPA. You get a hit of malt in the front that goes to some nice citrus flavors mid palette, then a nice British earthy hop linger. Great to see a Brewery pay homage to the original style that made the journey from England to India around Cape Horn.



  1. To indicate "umlauted" vowels when using an American keyboard, you can write it like this: Koelsch.

    Looking forward to it!

    Your Friendly Provider of Unasked-For German Advice :-)

  2. kölsch

    just cut and paste that

  3. Do you guys ever put Smuttynose Big A IPA on tap?

  4. Just depress the "alt" key and at the same time hit 0246 on the number keypad to get ö....

    alt0252 is ü and alt0228 is ä ...


  5. Or just copy and paste the ö, like I just did. Or just copy and paste the whole word Kölsch from here...

    At any rate, looking forward to tasting it tomorrow. Prosit!

  6. What no BBC Coffeehouse Porter thats thier best brew


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