Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rauchbier.. Ja!

Hey all,

Smutty pumpkin kicked and we replaced it with our Smoked Dunkelweizen. We home smoked 50#'s of malt for this beer using Crab Apple wood. This wood give a very unique smoke character to the beer. The traditional Rauchbier's use Beech wood smoked malt with give a very harsh and dry smoke flavor/aroma. With the Crab Apple wood you get a little of the fruitiness and some nice woodsy/earthy smoke flavor in the aroma and in the after taste. What better beer pairing for a herb roasted turkey... Or a smoked holiday ham... Or a apple cider and clove brine roasted Turkey... I think this list could go on for ever!




  1. Kate today? You were supposed to have it on YESTERDAY, when I was in for my birthday!!! ;-)

  2. You sneaky bastards! Was able to get over and grab one at lunch and also grabbed a bottle. Can't wait to crack it open at Xmas.


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