Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pull the cord... Arrow spins.. "And the Cow says, 'Mooooo'"

Hey all,

It is Milk Stout time! This is one of our stouts we rotate through. With the addition of Lactose Sugar (which is a long chain unfermentable sugar) you get a nice sweetness in the glass. This milk sweetness helps round out the harsh roasty edges that would normally be found in a stout. So much so that the chocolate and sweet coffee flavors are the bulk of what you are tasting. Yummy! I am sipping on my morning coffee wishing it was a Milk Stout right now! Come on in a try the GABF Bronze Medal wining beer.


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  1. Could this be your most award winning tap lineup ever? GABF silver and bronze medals and CAMRA real ale winner. Not bad, just need to sneak that the Wheat Wine on!


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